About us



Xiaolun Trading Company is founded with support financially and operationally of her manufacturer members, who’re professional of a long history in their specific scope of products in pharmaceutical industry, and is operated with further technically supported by her European member who is her European Business Unit and obtains tens of years experience in the design, fabrication and engineering of pharmaceutical industry, especially the solid dosage line.

A bra-new “UNITED DEVELOPMENT” business model is thus established with her China and European members’ involvement from the sides of capital operation and technical transferring.

The customer dream of obtaining quality products and service with China made cost is expected to be realized by this “XIAOLUN UNITED DEVELOPMENT” business model. And she sincerely wishes this “UNITED DEVELOPMENT” business model could setup the positive reference for China’s pharmaceutical machinery development into a level of being able to match, cooperate and compete with our European players.

The main product, service and solution she offers in the global market would focus in pharmaceutical solid dosage line, aseptic processing & handling line and food industry from raw material handling like milling, sifting, bag empty & dumping station (BDS), weighing & dispensing Sys(ADS), to granulation suit with high shear mixer granulator、fluid-bed sys (dryer, granulation and multi-processor), Dry & wet cone mill, IBC sys of bin、blender、hoist lifters、docking sys and washing station, coating, coating agents/receipt, pelletizing, weighing booth, RABUS, high contamination transferring solution including split valves, to engineering service of powder handling and aseptic products processing & handling. Cream mixer, etc

According to her tens of years’ know-how, experience and strong relationship with the industrial chain, she also offers customer the cream processing, transferring and packing line/solution and sterilizing solution.

Meanwhile, XIAOLUN can supply highend vision inspection platforms to the domestic market  and customers ,and we are the sole agent of ENCLONY, Korea in China.

Besides of this, understanding the customer’s concern and consideration from different sides, and looking over her experience in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, she also offers customer the consultancy service, on the basis of a benefit-free third party, to support customer’s machinery selection decision and manufacturer’s evaluation and audit, etc, especially in China and other Asian area.

Looking around of her China members’ local market share and sale network advantages, she is ready to promote into China according to China’s pharmaceutical industry development and unique requirement, the European products and solutions.

Your kind of attention of her is always highly appreciated and treasured and she is open at any time ready to exchange with you any kind of view for global pharmaceutical machinery industry.